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Going Pro is AWESOME, but take a second to consider the Plus program:

Upgrade to the $69 auto order Pro Plus account today!

  • FREE

    Up to 40 FREE Cards

    As a Pro Plus member, each month you'll receive enough points to print up to 40 free cards. Points expire at the end of each month. Postage not included.

    • #451-FBJ8-KJ941
    • #338-TOL2-WQ116

    Two Limited Smart Accounts*

    Two Transferable Limited Smart accounts each month! When you sell both, you keep the cash ($220 Value Each!). *Accounts must be activated within 60 days of the time the codes appear in your dashboard. Pixingo Pros reserve the right to gift or sell Limited Smart accounts at a reduced rate. Limited Smart codes come with a 1-year wholesale membership ($100 value), one-time $20 print points bonus ($20 value) , back of card branding ($50 value) and a personal font ($50 value).

  • Free Upgrades

    Free Upgrades!

    Only Pro Plus members have the option to upgrade to premium paper and rounded corners on ANY bulk greeting card or business card order at no additional charge!

  • Two QR Codes

    QR Code Generator

    For anything you create or anything you want to link—audio, video, a favorite blog—really, anything—you now have a way to do it. Your Go Pro Plus account comes with your own QR code generator!

  • Brand it your way

    2 Additional Brand It Your Way Profiles (total of 4) $100 Value

    Every time you create something in your Pixingo studio, you can choose either the default Pixingo profile, which prints a Pixingo logo on the back, or your own profile, which prints whatever you want! It can be a logo for any company you choose or a photo of your own awesome mug. That’s what Brand It Your Way means!

The total monthly value of GoPro Plus is worth over $400
PLUS the QR Code Generator, two additional profiles, free rounded corners, and free premium paper upgrades

Every Pro should do this!

If you’re serious about your Pixingo business, you won’t pass this up!

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Go Pro Plus!